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We are happy to announce the 4th international



in Schwangau from 16.-22. August 2020
Camp from 22.-24.8.20

Dear Ones,

we will meet in the period from August 16-22, 2020, but we do not yet know exactly where.

Preferably, of course, in Schwangau. Should there still be a mask requirement in mid-August and

Distance rules apply, then we would move to Upper Austria. We also have one there

wonderful place found, isolated in the mountains and right on the river. And is in Austria

Contact sport officially allowed again.

And we are still looking for places in Switzerland, because there we

could go more relaxed into a SummerFlow.

So please register, as we will be limited depending on the choice of the location.

The registration form will be activated in the next few days ...

And please don't book any trains (etc.) yet. We will keep you up to date after registration by e-mail and otherwise on our website: https://summerflow.de/

Happy greetings,

Kabiro, Ingo and Daniel


Summerflow Festival 2020 Lehrer*innen / Teachers:

Daniel Werner (GER)

WS 1 : „Embodiment / Somatic Intimacy / Self- and Co-Regulation"

WS 2 : „Embodiment / Neuroception / Contact & Flow"

Eva Daubert (GER)

WS 1 : Feldenkrais into Contact Improvisation

WS 2 : Pure Feldenkrais®

Flurin Kappenberger (CH)

WS 1 : Shiatsu-Tanz  / Shiatsu-Dance

WS 2 : „Im Gras tauchen“ (outdoor) / „Diving into the Green“

Johannes Anzenhofer (GER)

WS 1 : „ Lebendige Rhythmen aus Westafrika“  / „Living Rhythms from Westafrica"

WS 2 : „ Rumble in the Jungle – ein zeitgenösisches Musik- und Tanz-Ritual“   / „Rumble in the Jungle – a contemporary Music- and Dance Ritual“

Kabiro Eva Scheller (GER)

WS 1 : Authentic Movement into Contact (outdoor)

Katrin Lerche (ES/GER)

WS 1 : „Dem inneren Fluss folgen - Körper und Stimme in Bewegung“  / „Following your inner Flow - Body and Voice in Movement"

WS 2 : „Klang Körper“ /  „Sounding Bodies“

Muriel Jeanne Mollet (CH)

WS 1 : Kampfesspiele into Contactimprovisation  / Playfights into CI

WS 2 : Fallen  / Falling

Ingo Rosenkranz (GER)

WS 1 : Bewusstsein im Kontakt / Awareness in Contact

Peter Krempelsetzer (GER)

WS 1 : ImproArt - "Improvisation Bewegung, Stimme & Wort“  / “ImproArt – „Physical improvisation - Movement, Voice & Words” 

WS 2 : Contango „ Elegant, sensual and hearts connected“

Sus Palm (GER)

WS 1 : "Cranio Sacral Flow"

WS 2 :  Moving with the Organs

Taro Tikitiki (GER): 

WS 1 : "Natur Tanz - Tanz Natur“  / "Nature Dance - Dance Nature“

WS 2 : „ Rumble in the Jungle – ein zeitgenösisches Musik- und Tanz-Ritual“   / „Rumble in the Jungle – a contemporary Music- and Dance Ritual“

Kalima Petra Gotthardt  (GER)

WS 1 : Continuum Movement 1

WS 2 : Continuum Movement 2

Linda Maria Tinsobin (A)

WS 1 : Awaken Body


Kinder/Kids Programm:

Cornelia Adams (GER)

Zirkus für Kinder  /  Circus for Kids

Linda Maria Tinsobin (A)

"Dance Music Video Makers“ - Project

Inge Wöllhaf (GER) 

„Feuer und Fakire“ - „Fire and Fakire“



Eduard Beyer: Saxophone

Flurin Kappenberger: Contrabas, Guitare, Percussion

Johannes Anzenhofer: Percussion, Arcordeon

Julia Zerbe: Violine

Klaus Donarski: Guitare, Piano, Mantra singing

Klaus Vogelsänger: Waterdrums & Sound-landscapes

Taro Tikitiki: a lot of Instruments


Close to the castle Schwanstein (nearby Füssen/Allgäu), the powerful Tegel mountain and some minutes by car from a lake, we will create a rich dance flow... in the natur, with Contact Improvisation, 5 Rhythm, Ecstatic Dance, Live-Music, Water-dance, Jams, Bodywork, Yoga, Sharing, Meditation... and all this as a time shared in a community holiday mood for tall and small.

We are happy to now fullfill our wish for being together in a longer community structured period of time with sharing our creativity and presence in a place close to the alp mountains including the elements of nature.

Like a small river is flowing next to our camp…we will develop our dance flow in this powerful natur, which unites expression, creativity, improvisation, consciousness, connectivity, intimicy, silence and extasy in presence.

Invited is a wonderful circle of international teacher, which will share their inspiration and experience outdoors as well as in the studio.
As a festival for families we like to offer fields of experiences for the children with the element of nature such as the trees, the water as well as the fire.
Our meals will be organic and vegetarian. The accommodation will be in your own tents, there is an option for some indoor beds in shared rooms for an additional fee.
The closeby cable car offers an idyllic scene of the mountains, as an alternative you can hike or use the fixed rope route. The lakes will be happy about your jump into the refreshing water and sleeping under the stars allows the magic to drop into your heart.
We are looking forward to the  FLOW….
Daniel, Ingo & Kabiro 

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dance, contact improvisation, theatre,

music, singing, painting and more.

Space for playing with your creativity

This festival creates a unique platform for experiencing and experimenting, for teaching and learning, for exchanging and coming together. In intensives, workshops, labs, single lessons, spaces to perform, a room for silence and bodywork, different jams and special events, this festival offers spaces, where different artistic potentials can meet in an alchemist process …...