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We are happy to announce the 3. international



in Schwangau from 12.-18. August 2019
Camp from 18.-21.8.19

The contents below are still from 2018 and will be updated soon!


After our wonderful first edition in 2017 we are looking forward to see you this summer ...

(thank you for your touching feedback)


Dear Friends of the Art of Dance and Improvisation


We are happy to announce the 2. international


in Schwangau from 17.-23. August 2018
Camp from 23.-26.8.18


We want to give space to our longterm wish to create a festival, which combines the Arts of Improvisation such as

Contact, Dance (as well in the water), Theatre, Music and Painting

with a joyful and community oriented holiday feeling



Close to the castle Schwanstein (nearby Füssen/Allgäu), the powerful Tegel mountain and some minutes by car from a lake, we will create a rich dance flow... in the natur, with Contact Improvisation, 5 Rhythm, Ecstatic Dance, Live-Music, Water-dance, Jams, Bodywork, Yoga, Sharing, Meditation... and all this as a time shared in a community holiday mood for tall and small.

We are happy to now fullfill our wish for being together in a longer community structured period of time with sharing our creativity and presence in a place close to the alp mountains including the elements of nature.

Like a small river is flowing next to our camp…we will develop our dance flow in this powerful natur, which unites expression, creativity, improvisation, consciousness, connectivity, intimicy, silence and extasy in presence.

Invited is a wonderful circle of international teacher, which will share their inspiration and experience outdoors as well as in the studio.
As a festival for families we like to offer fields of experiences for the children with the element of nature such as the trees, the water as well as the fire.
Our meals will be organic and vegetarian. The accommodation will be in your own tents, there is an option for some indoor beds in shared rooms for an additional fee.
The closeby cable car offers an idyllic scene of the mountains, as an alternative you can hike or use the fixed rope route. The lakes will be happy about your jump into the refreshing water and sleeping under the stars allows the magic to drop into your heart.
We are looking forward to the  FLOW….
Daniel, Ingo & Kabiro 

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dance, contact improvisation, theatre,

music, singing, painting and more.

Space for playing with your creativity

This festival creates a unique platform for experiencing and experimenting, for teaching and learning, for exchanging and coming together. In intensives, workshops, labs, single lessons, spaces to perform, a room for silence and bodywork, different jams and special events, this festival offers spaces, where different artistic potentials can meet in an alchemist process …...