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The old Maori art is fun, strengthens the connection between the two halves of the brain, trains our coordination and acts like meditation.
We will practice everything it takes to swing a poy in dance and learn the first patterns of poy-swinging.
I play Poys since 1998 with and without fire, with big and small, on festivals and in the garden!

Inge Wöllhaf

My love for dance and bodywork I discovered in 1997 by training with Keriac and deepened by training in BMC Petra Vetter - since then, the dance and Kontaktimprovisation belongs to my life. Then I discovered the game with the fire and since then I play with it - with burning fire chains, fans and jump ropes - I love the sound of the flames flying around me.
I work in a forest nursery where children play and study in the forest every day, it is a pleasure to experience adventures with children and to provide sensual experiences.