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Different offers every day, which you can choose spontaneously. Changes might be possible if necessary.


Workshops 2019 / outdoor & indoor:

Scott Wells (USA): „From Zero to Flying“ & „More than Three"
Ilka Fanni Szilagyi (HU/USA): „Contact & Improvisation"
Daniel Werner (GER): „Somatics into CI Technique & Flow“
Bastien Auber (F): CI: „Earth- Body-Sky“ & CI „Becoming fluid“
Heike Wegener (GER/CH): „Let your Soul lead your Life 1+2“
Ingo Rosenkranz (GER): „Moving from Inside"

Gabi Neumann (GER): „Tao Yoga & Tai Chi into Contact“
Irina Trippel (GER): "Thaimassage“ & Water-Contact: "Waterflow“ 
Johannes Anzenhofer (GER): „Rumble in the Jungle“
Kabiro Eva Scheller (GER): “Authentic Movement into Contact Impro"
Kalimah Moorea (GER): Continuum Movement:“Fluid Wisdom-Sound-Movement and Breath"
Kathrin Lerche (ESP): Voice & Movement: „Healing Journey“ & “Playful Center"
Muriel Mollet (CH): “Capoeira into Contact“ & „Counterbalance-out of balance“
Peter Krempelsetzer (GER): „ImproArt with voice & words“ & Contango:„sensual & creative dancing“
Sus Palm (GER): "Cranio Flow“ & „BMC into Dance“
Taro Tikitiki (GER): “Contact-Dance-Impro into Nature“ & "Rumble in the Jungle“ & „DanceJourney“


Trancedance: Kabiro, Kalimah, Klaus V., Taro 


Morning Classes (45min):

Irina Trippel: " Relational Intelligence“
Linda Maria Tinsobin: „Awaken Body

Peter Krempelsetzer: „BodyAwakening"

Morning Singing:

Klaus Donarski (GER)


Eduard Beyer (GER): Saxophons
Johannes Anzenhofer (GER): Percussion, Accordion
Julia Zerbe (GER): Violine
Kathrin Lerche (ESP): Voice
Klaus Donarski (GER): Piano, Guitare, Morning Singing
Klaus Vogelsänger (GER): Percussion, Sounds
Miriam Schmitt (CH): Clarinette, Percussion
Taro Tikitiki (GER): multi-instrumental

Inge Wöllhaf (GER): "Feuer und Fakire“
Linda Maria Tinsobin (AUT): „DanceMusicVideoMakers“
Cornelia Adam (GER): „Zirkus für Kinder“


The content below is still from 2018 and will be updated soon!


WS1: Starfish on the floor

Rolling, twirling, whirling, playing around and cuddling, hugging, resting and rocking in between. This workshop offers space to move together with your child(ren) in a playful and mindful way. Let’s be there for each other and dance. For dancers and their child(ren) 3+.

WS2: Dance date

Will I be able to transfer all of my weight to my child? Will I be able to take my child seriously as a dance partner? There will be space for dancers with children to communicate with each other on a nonverbal level. Playing and improvising together will lead naturally into dancing. Dancers without children are invited to bring along a dance date to this workshop. We will appreciate everyone’s support and participation!

Angela Raith

Angela Raith has been teaching visual arts, drama and performance art for over ten years. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the University of Stuttgart, Angela completed her postgraduate studies at the École européenne supérieure de l’image in Poitiers, with a dance theatre piece. Tango Argentino (since 1998) and Contact Improvisation (since 2004) have been enriching her educational and artistic work and her family life in various ways.

“Body Love Ritual”

In a world where we are bombarded by messages that we are not "good enough," even the most conscious, self-loving yogis tend to have something else about their bodies that they do not love.

Here, I offer rituals that first acknowledge these parts of us, and then perform ceremonies & rituals to bring us back to self-love & self-acceptance <3


Face & Bodypaint

We are happy to offer a Body/Facepainting session for little & big kids alike!

We will open the space for people to come practice their painting skills on each other, as well as offering some extra help ; )

Cat is an experienced henna artist, & together with some extra helpers will be happy to apply those skills to adorn your lovely selves!


Cat Jessen

Like a Holy Trinity, my Life has had 3 pillars running through it:

Driven by a Deep Desire to live in a World that’s Safe, Loving, Kind & fair, my curiosity was sparked at a young age to discover & understand the World and culture around me, human development and the psyche, & what could be done differently to create a more harmonious reality? How can we break free from our conditioned fears, patterns & beliefs?!

In this exploration I dived into Spirituality, philosophy, anthropology, anthroposophy (the Rudolf Steiner philosophy, medicine, education system & healing arts), as well as world religions, esoteric wisdom and Energy healing (Reiki, Theta healing, Pranic Healing). This last one showed me with certainty our ability to change our Reality through our Beliefs!

My second pillar is my Love for the Arts.

Studying & playing music since early childhood as well as making art, Life never feels complete without some kind of Creativity ~ Be it Dancing, Singing, Playing the Piano or making art, it makes my Soul Sing! & is deeply Nourishing <3 : ) & so it made sense that sooner or later, it became integrated into Visioning & healing processes...

Last but not least, Contact Improvisation was a Love at 1st touch, & when I discovered this beautiful practice it helped me to come back into Presence & my Body. Following this impulse into Somatics, I travelled to Contact festivals around the world, trained in Waterwork with “Wataflow” & “Healing Dance®”, & finally combined these Loves into a Contact & Somatics event in Koh Phangan, Thailand [thailand.contactfestival.info].

Combining these 3 threads into a strong foundation for Healing, Well-being & Nourishment, I now offer the jewels of my Inner Alchemy & work by Holding Space for others to do the same. From Body-Love rituals, Women’s Circles & Healing sessions, to combining emotional processes with artwork, waterwork or cultivating Chi & sexual energy (Sacred Femininity ~ Tao Tantric Arts), I have a treasure-trove of tools under my Wings, but the aim is always the same: to bring you back *Home to your Self*, into Deep inner Peace, & Blissful Blossoming <3

Contacting Nature

Probably as kids we all „danced“ naturally with nature: jumping over rocks, climbing trees, rolling through the grass, playing with pebbles, jumping into piles of leaves. Still unfettered by any kind of judgment we freely surrendered our whole body to discovering and experiencing an instant – though it may seem bold to call this „dancing“.

Trees, boulders, grass, and wind often inspire us to different movements than the ones we pursue on the even parquet floor of a studio. Exposure to the elements and natural beings is a sensual experience, touching, invigorating, sometimes also challenging and commanding our respect. Listening closely happens without effort and best-case we even begin to directly communicate with nature’s forces.

Dancing in and with nature is probably best describe as a combination of play, dance, exploration, and experiencing; often it comes very close to „Authentic Movement“. The outside setting sometimes doesn’t allow for sophisticated techniques like CI acrobatics or contemporary spiraling; surface structure, changes in ground level etc. want to be considered carefully. Still many elements from the moving arts – be it dancing, martial arts, or gymnastics – can easily be incorporated into the improvisation even in nature. Especially captivating are group improvisations with performance character and/or so-called „scores“ (a set of boundary rules for the duration of the dance), for which nature offers the perfect „stage“. What kind of dance energy do we encounter in a small clearing? How are rocks dancing and how a blade of grass?

The danced conversation with the natural entities around us bears great potential to learn something about ourselves. We are invited to listen to the movement or to move from a state of listening, since all of nature’s beings essentially carry information. Thus „Dancing in Nature“ also serves as a means to re-discover knowledge about nature’s wisdom which in our culture got lost in the past.


Life Love Laughter – Dancing and Playing with Voice, Body and Movement

... is inviting us to poke fun at ourselves. Let´s forget about our struggle to look good and to talk brainy. All the power to lightness, laughter and nonsense. And that in a very physical way. Active games in groups or with a partner, easy and simple Dance- and Voice-Improvisations. Giving up concepts. Breaking taboos. Liberating the inner child.
In our released and bubbling creativity we might find out quite something about us and others, we might be surprised, laughing out loud from our heart about what shows up. –
But also here mindfulness and Listening-Into is required. Just in playing many times it happens on ist own, without the need to struggle for it. And though playing (and also dancing) seems to be so much non-sense in the first place, there is a big potential in it to re-connect us with what is esential.
And what is esential?
Let´s find it out!

Chetan Florian Erbe

born 1967, Dancer, Contact Teacher, Systemic Dance Therapist (BTD); Trainings in Contact Improvisation, New Dance, Martial Arts with/ without Sticks, Butoh, Action Theater; Disciple of Osho since 1994; teaches Contact and Dance Improvisation since 1999, Moving Sticks since 2004, Sensitive Warriors (Contact Improvisation with Martial Arts elements) since 2005; Dance therapeutic work since 2008; practices Martial Arts (on and off) since 1998 (Wing Tsun, Escrima/ Kali, Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts)

CI Technik & Somatic Stress Release, Faszien, Organe und Bewegungsentwicklung

In diesem Workshop erforschen und genießen wir das Zusammenspiel von Organen, Faszien und tiefer Muskulatur im Bauchraum und laden die saftige Kraft des Zentrums ein, die Wirbelsäule in ihrer Beweglichkeit und Lebendigkeit zu unterstützen. Fasziale Elastizität und Geschmeidigkeit ermöglichen Mühelosigkeit und Genuss in Bewegung.
Auf dieser wundervollen somatischen Basis arbeiten wir dann u.a. mit sogenannten „pathways“, um CI-Bewegungsmaterial zu erlernen und zu vertiefen, und um exemplarisch die zugrunde liegenden Bewegungsprinzipien zu erfahren und zu verstehen (der technisch-systematische Ansatz dieses Seminares basiert auf der Fortbildung Contact Improvisation Berlin - www.dancecontact.de ).
 Mit unterschiedlichen “scores” (Tanzstrukturen) erschaffen wir Räume und Stimmungen, in denen Verspieltheit, Technik und
Improvisation in einer mehrdimensionalen Erfahrung dieser faszinierenden Tanzform zusammen kommen.

CI Technique - Somatic Stress Release – Fascia – Organs - Developmental Movement

In this Playshop we will explore and enjoy the interaction of Organs, Fascia and deep abdomial muscles and invite the juicy power of the "center" to support the spine in its mobility and vitality. Playing with developmental movement patterns we help the body to re-connect to deep sources of life energy. Fascial elasticity and smotheness facilitate effortlessness and joy in movement and being.
On this wonderful somatic base we will play with so called pathways to learn and deepen CI movement material, and to experience and understand the underlying principles (the tecnical and systematic approach of this seminar is based on the Contact Improvisation Training Berlin - www.dancecontact.de ).
With different scores we will create spaces and atmospheres where playfulness, technique and improvisation can flow into a multidimensional experience of this wonderful dance form.

Aquatic Motion & WaterContact

Im Wasser schwebend erinnert sich der Körper an sehr frühe Bewegungsmuster und -qualitäten, welche grundlegend sind für unser hochentwickeltes und komplexes Bewegungspotential. Im Spiel mit Elementen aus dem Body-Mind-Centering und der evolutionären und frühkindlichen Bewegungsentwicklung entsteht ein sehr direkter, fühlender und kindlicher Zugang zu Bewegung.
Das "Floaten", Bewegt werden und das Contacten im Wasser öffnen neue Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und Raumerfahrungen, die dann auch später "an Land" spür- und sichtbar bleiben.

Dieser Workshop findet in der nahegelegen Therme statt (geringe Extrakosten für Eintritt)

Aquatic Motion & WaterContact

Floating in warm water the body remembers early qualities and neuronal pathways, which are fundamental for our highly complex movement potential. Playing with elements from Body-Mind-Centering and developmental movement we will open a very sensory and sensual acces to moving and being.
The harmonious interplay of liquids and fascia will invite internal and external sliding and gliding, into effortlessness and flow.
Takes place in the Thermal Bath, extracosts for the entrance fee

Daniel Werner

arbeitet international als Tänzer und Tanzpädagoge, und unterrichtet Contact Improvisation seit ´97. Er studierte zeitgenössischen Tanz am North Karelia College in Finland. Wesentliche Einflüsse für seine Arbeit kommen aus dem Body-Mind Centering, asiatischen Bewegungskünsten, dem Neuen und Zeitgenössischen Tanz und Release-Techniken. Weitere Projekte: www.dancecontact.de, www.bodymindpresence.de, www.canarian.contactfestival.info, www.contact-meets-contemporary.de, www.in-touch.es, www.lapalma.contactfestival.info, www.christmas-contact-celebration.de, www.osterimprofestival.info, www.pfingst.contactfestival.info, www.summerflow.de.

Daniel Werner works internationally as a teacher for dance and is teaching Contact Improvisation since 1997. He studied Contemporary Dance at the North Karelia College in Finnland. His movement, being and teaching is also inspired by body-mind-centering, asian movement arts and fascia research.
Also he is involved in the following projects: www.dancecontact.de, www.bodymindpresence.de, www.canarian.contactfestival.info, www.contact-meets-contemporary.de, www.in-touch.es, www.lapalma.contactfestival.info, www.christmas-contact-celebration.de, www.osterimprofestival.info, www.pfingst.contactfestival.info, www.summerflow.de


The Medicine of Sound, Movement and Touch

Workshop 1 + 2 Summerflow Festival 2018

In this workshop we will practice reconnecting with the light and love that runs through us, learning to communicate and move authentically through the fullness of our strength and vulnerability as men and women:

  • Exploring the mystical nature of our mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies and attuning to their medicine,
  • Feeling the strength and beauty of the maskuline energy in us
  • Awakening to feminine cellular wisdom, feminine eros and wholeness,
  • Cultivating intuitive connectedness to the subtle whisper of life, through healing and prayer, silence and awakened creativity,
  • Sharing our healing, talent and capacities with the generations to come, and expressing ourselves fully to contribute and serve in responsible ways in the world.

Heike is a role model for a very specific deep, earth feminine goddess. Her transmission of deep wisdom and body knowing is a blessing to us all.”

In Heike’s circles our sharing becomes a living inquiry, an expression of the healing that we are and embody. She’s shown me how to bring more of myself into contact, creativity and life.”

Heike is deeply connected with earth spirituality and embodiment. She is a powerful healer in the feminine shamanic path, and guides with a gentle powerful presence.”


Heike Wegener

Heike Wegener is a healer, trauma-therapist and osteopath, a dancer, listener, singer, traveller, mother, mystic and shaman, a lover of silence and a moving prayerful question. She is based in the community of Castle Glarisegg, at the edge of the forest on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance in Switzerland,

see: www.heikewegener.com

The Art of Poy-swinging

The old Maori art is fun, strengthens the connection between the two halves of the brain, trains our coordination and acts like meditation.

We will practice everything it takes to swing a poy in dance and learn the first patterns of poy-swinging.

I play Poys since 1998 with and without fire, with big and small, on festivals and in the garden!



Inge Wöllhaf

My love for dance and bodywork I discovered in 1997 by training with Keriac and deepened by training in BMC Petra Vetter - since then, the dance and Kontaktimprovisation belongs to my life. Then I discovered the game with the fire and since then I play with it - with burning fire chains, fans and jump ropes - I love the sound of the flames flying around me.
I work in a forest nursery where children play and study in the forest every day, it is a pleasure to experience adventures with children and to provide sensual experiences.


Very Simple Image Gallery:
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The healing power of sound
sound-meditation with tuning forks

Healing experience in a circle which can cleansen and harmonize the energy bodies and chakras of the participants.

Through the vibration and the sound of the tuning forks and the focussed attention on healing and harmonizing of the group energy, deep relaxation, peace and stillness can occur in the room.

Ingo Alexander Sohn

holistic health practitioner, musician, Ayurveda cook

Since more than 25 years I am deeply into spirituality and holistic healing. I studied Jazz Musik in Swizzerland when health problems with the arm forced me to look for alternatives. I started to study alternative medicine in 1996 and opened my first practice in 1996. Being busy in holistic healing always meant to be deeply into healing with myself first. That allows me to pass on only what comes from my own inner experience.
My search lead me to many different teachers and methods, from which I made my own personal blend that fits me the most and goes along with my extremely developed sensitivity.

I am fascinated about the sound therapy with the tuning forks for its‘ simplicity and efficiency and for how the sound profoundly penetrates though all of our levels of existence and deeply connects and harmonizes them.


the art of being present

Diving into Contact Improvisation as an art of moving together with one or more partners from moment to moment of presence and awareness. We'll take time for some exercises to deepen the understanding of the basic principles of this wonderful dance form. How can the dance inform our awareness? And how can our whole being infrom the dance? An understanding of our perception allows us to connect with our life force as a source for happiness and lightness in the dance and our movement exploration. A supportive communication opens the potential for deep integration of the experience. Touching and being touched already creates some of the magic...


Ingo Rosenkranz

engages himself since almost 30 years with various movement arts and processes of consciousness. Teacher for dance, contact improvisation and Bodywork (Shiatsu, Tai Yoga Massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong ...). Holistic systematic coach.

"Contact Improvisation has the potential to deeply touch us on many levels so we can develop our inner growth"


A glimpse into the heart of Tango

ConTango or ContactTango is a child of Tango Argentino & CI. I encountered Tango years before my first CI experience - where I immediatly thought: `This is the same essence that I feel Tango is about: attentive physical communication & connection in sharing a dance, a little while of life together... !` Yet the context of where, when and how these dance forms emerged is very different - and so are some of the conventions and stereotypes around them.
What I am excited about in combining these approaches to the one heart is how they can literally get in touch and converge into a common playground to nourish, challenge and cherish each another with respect and curiousity.
So...welcome to the sharing of my research of these two hearts merging into one...

JamMilonga with Live Music

By playfully combining CI-freedom with the subtility of Tango-communication we will tune ourselves into jamming. Eduard and Julia will join us with their beautiful Tango tunes as well as with some silence to incorporate the music and to dance to our body´s pace and heartbeat. No tango experience is needed for this Jam, just bring your curiosity and dance!

Transitioning - Landing and launching ramps towards and off the ground

Transitioning from jumping to falling to crawling to rolling to falling back to standing... our body`s living architecture is able to navigate us safely through all levels. It`s intelligence offers countless miraculous strategies to support our integrity in movement.
In this workshop we will explore the landing pads our body`s soft tissue offers for safe fallings and smooth landing. We will look for ways to harness kinetic energy generated from ground reaction forces and to keep it traveling through our body – and our body through space... Let`s play with some ramping strategies to land and launch ourselves off the ground, with smooth transitions from one level to another and with some gentle folding and unfolding of our connected bits and pieces in the everlasting interplay with gravity!
The research will be guided by improvisational, hands on partnering explorations as well as some set movement material while we dance along. The Axis Syllabus* is an essential resource for this exploration, as my dance and teaching is inspired by it`s approach and perspective on human movement. I am currently in the certification process to become an AS Teacher.

* Axis Syllabus is a human movement lexicon with interrelated information from anatomy, biomechanics and physics about universal movement principles (www.axissyllabus.org).
Originally consolidated by Frey Faust, the AS has eventually become a movement and a research platform for the ASIRN (Axis Syllabus international research network), a group of movement researchers from diverse backgrounds. They are physically applying, exploring, counter checking and updating it`s body of information. Certified AS Teachers offer classes in collaborative learning situations and propose models for functional and joyful ways of moving in accordance with our body`s structure as well as it`s physical context. As a reference for locomotion, the Axis Syllabus reflects on how we might move and dance in a health-promoting and respectful manner - both towards ourselves and towards those with whom we are sharing time, space and dance....

Irina Hortin

Irina Hortin (www.irinahortin.com) studied contemporary dance, linguistics and literature. She works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher. Becoming a certified Iyengar yoga teacher was part of her process, although she abandoned teaching Yoga.
Born in Rumania, she grew up in Germany, lived and learned in France, Argentina, Senegal and Switzerland. During her studies in Argentina she became enamourously involved and intouch with Tango - that has been part of her path ever since.
Currently based in Düsseldorf with her 8-year-old daughter, she is teaching at the Tanzhaus NRW, at Contact(Tango)-Festivals and is a member of the Axis Syllabus International Research Network (ASIRN, www.axissyllabus.org). She is co-directing the project 1001Tropfen (www.1001tropfen.de), creating dance performances in nature and in urban contexts.
Intrigued by the experience of heterogenity and the many facets of humanity and what it is, Irina is interested in how human bodies communicate beyond language and how they resonate in each other and in our wider context - whether we are dancing or just being - and what it is that moves us.


Authentic relating and Contact Improvisation

The Authentic Relating Games gives us a chance to experience meaningful connection with others. These games are fun, interactive, exploratory tools that help us relate to ourselves and then share it with others. We are given the opportunity to open ourselves up and be vulnerable in the presence of others. We are encouraged to speak our truth and be our authentic selves.

We will put this practice into our contact dance and see how it shapes our experience of the dance.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a holistic bodywork method which traditionally combines an individually adjusted sequence of stretching with pressure point and energyline massage. Its aim is to open up blockades in joints and up-tightened muscles as well as harmonizing the whole energy system of the body.

We start the workshop with a soft Yoga sequence after which we work step by step through a Thai-Massage sequence.

I will demonstrate the basic technics on each round.

The Workshop is open for everyone, no matter if you come on your own or with a partner.


Irina Trippel

Irina is a cultural pedagogue, dancer and networker born in Kirgistan, based in Freiburg. Her passion goes for collaborative projects that connect meaningful interaction with the body as an artist, group sharing practices and various body-mind connecting practices.

A major interest of her is it to unite the necessary dialogue between feeling and thinking as well as experiencing and reflecting.

She is practicing and researching within the field of human body language since 8 Years. Her bachelor thesis „Contact Improvisation- percieving, moving and creating in relationships“ brought her a deeper and wider understanding of the origin of the form.

And by now she is massively inspired to contribute to its continues shaping.


Somatic conversations

How can we stay in an alive flow of connection, even when things get rough?
This fusion of Nonviolent communication (by Marshall Rosenberg) and Somatic practice helps us to learn how to stay in touch with our authenticity, and to reach nourishing care and contact.
Nonviolent Communication teaches the art of being in radical honesty and genuine compassion.
Somatic awareness offers an additional understanding of what really matters to us - experiencing it from deep within.
By integrating the wisdom of mind and body, Somatic conversations takes us to a place of truthful - verbal and nonverbal - connection with ourselves and others, that generates understanding, healing and a doorway to new solutions.


Janne Hanoun Ellenberger

As a facilitator for Nonviolent Communicaiton, coach and therapist, as a body-worker and homoeopath, through music, rituals, listening and touch... she has been supporting individuals and communities for many years.
She regularly facilitates groups in Palestine/Israel and Germany for people who are seeking healing for external and internal conflict.
She is a dedicated change-maker who is committed to support the creation of connection – to oneselve, each other, and the flow of life.
She feels passionate about integrating the wisdom of body, personality and spirit to generate healing.
Her social activism aims to build a world in which everybody experiences love, mattering and belonging.
Janne is a spiritual nomad and likes to collect songs and words from different traditions, that she – together with her own creations – loves to share in singing circles.



Partner acrobatics for everyone

In this workshop we will play and experiment with acrobatics. Standing, lying, on top of each other, close to each other. You don't need to be very flexible or very strong. We will try out easy figures sometimes rather static sometimes more dynamic, on our owns, with two or three people.
It's not about the perfect figure but about little achievements and first of all about fun.
Bring sleeping or yoga mats and of course comfortable cloths.

Jump into contact

How can a joyful jump or an easy lift be incorporated in a flowing dance?
How do they work these jumps and lifts?
How can acrobatic or partnering movements happen without planning?
How can we surprise our partners without overstraining them?
Are you ready to surprise yourself?
In this workshop, we play with principles to discover simple acrobatic forms and strategies to integrate them in Contact Improvisation. The workshop is not about fancy acrobatics, but about the joy of finding ways to integrate jumps and lifts into the improvisation.
This workshop is open to all levels.


Jo Bruhn

Based in Berlin, Germany, he works as a performer, CI dancer, teacher and festival organizer.
For many years his focus was Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance practices. He is fascinated by the universe of possibilities CI offers. Especially the communication between bodies and the floating acrobatics in the dance are interesting to him.
He was part of the “Dance Intensive” at Tanzfabrik Berlin and has trained extensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Britta Pudelko among many others.
For more information please go to www.jo-bruhn.de

“I like to surprise myself and others in my dance by spicing it up with spontaneity and a bit of humour”.


„Living Rhythms from Westafrica"

Rhythms moves me and holds my Fascination since many years. Especially westafrican culture is rich in living rhythms and so i followed my Fascination to Westafrica to dive into this Culture and Music. I am happy to share these Rhythms on Djembe- and Basedrums, which awakens our senses and liveliness and give us the possibilty to experience Music in Comunity in a simple and deep way.

„ Rumble in the Jungle – ein zeitgenösisches Musik- und Tanz-Ritual“

Rumble in the Jungle entstand vor etwa sieben Jahren aus dem Bedürfnis Musik- und Tanzimprovisation zu verbinden und findet alle zwei Wochen in München statt. Es gibt vorweg ein angeleitetes Warm-up um den Einstieg in die Improvisation und in das Spiel mit Tanz und Musik zu erleichtern. Mit einem Klangzeichen beginnt die Jam und damit auch ein non-verbaler Raum für 1,5 Stunden. Dieser Raum wird ab dann von der gesamten Gruppe gestaltet. Es gibt keine festgelegten Rollen – jeder kann sich als Musiker, Tänzer oder auch als keins von beidem erfahren. Die Einladung ist seinen eigenen Impulsen zu folgen und sich in Klang/Stille und Bewegung/Nicht-Bewegung auszudrücken. Es entsteht ein unvorhersehbares Gesamtkunstwerk. Es endet in Stille und er Möglichkeit das Erfahrene im Kreis in Worten auszudrücken und sich auszutauschen.


Johannes Anzenhofer

Johannes Anzenhofer is a sculptor, musician and movement artist. He is playing Accordion, Guitar, Flutes, Percussion and sings. His Dance Experience is based on Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary and African Dance. He plays music for Dance -Events, -Festivals, Jams, Performances, Weddings etc. He lives near Munich as a freelance artist and pedagogue.


"Happy Feets"

This is an invitation to dedicate yourself completely to your feets. Your feets that carry you throughout your life. How are you in contact with them and how is their contact towards the earth below them. What happens when we get more aware of the multiple sensoric field that they represent and start to use it more consciously to feel the earth below and in same time to get more sensitive to ourselves. Through "sinking deeply" we find in a new and a new way of "feeling carried". The whole body is represented in our feets and what happens when I am deeply connected with them and when they are getting soft and flexible? How does their dance with the earth under them transform? Another quality arises when we integrate our feets and their big fascia below, that is connected to the whole fascial system of our body, is getting transparent.
When we walk and dance with the front part of our feets, we transform our feets into happy feets we find automatically into dance. and a yes to the earth below and to ourselves. Our dance and song are then arising from a deep connected place.

Dance and sing your nature being

We use the open endless space of mother nature to dive into our own endless true nature.
We listen with all our senses to the elements, touch and smell the earth, feel the wind on our skin, listen to the water, taste it, feel its coolness as we feel the heat of the sun, get conscious that we have all these elements as well in our bodies, in the bones, the liquids, our breath and inner fire as the endless space in between. By listening as well inside as outside and transforming all our sensations into sounds and movements, we become a dance that plays with its surrounding, we become the expression of our nature being. Out of this listening our dance and song are vibing into the music of the stillness that is surrounding us in the womb of the mother.


Katrin Lerche

Katrin Lerche, mother of three kids, loves to sing and dance since she is a child, did a master in voice, works as soprano and teacher for voice, is offering lomi and sound-massages, discovered many years ago BMC and through that contact improvisation, she loves to explore and to dive into sound, body and soul.


Youth Workshop - DanceMusicVideoMakers

Together, we'll pick a favorite song from you, work on a storyboard, find dance moves for the dance scenes, film, cut the movie, and add all together to create your very own DanceMusicVideo.
It would be fantastic if you tell me in advance your favorite song. Simply short title and artist by mail to: litiensemble (at) posteo.de THANK YOU!
(At) = @

Linda Maria Tinsobin (AT)

Linda Maria Tinsobin has been teaching and danced (on stage) different dance styles for over 15years. In particular, the health-preserving and health-promoting aspect of movment and dance is one of her favorite fields of research. Whereby she means physical, as well as psychological and, above all, emotional health. "It's all interwoven." Her research is accompanied by a curiosity for a mindful language, attentive listening and conscious observation. The love of curious, value-free encounters at eye level shows in her creative projects with people of all ages.

Dancer and dance teacher, choreographer, Body Awareness accompaniment,
Malspiel teacher with training at Arno Stern, Dipl. Aviva-teacher and adviser for natural women's care, advisor for natural baby care - "conscious parent-conscious children",
2 times mother, life-researcher

Capoeira into Contactimprovisation

We get to know basic movements and principles of Capoeira. We will also learn to sing 2-3 simple capoeira songs. Playful and creative, we will experiment with this type of movement. The combative and playful energy of capoeira will be incorporated into our dance of contact improvisation.

Kampfesspiele® for Kids and Teens

Through games, combative games and fighting we will come into touch with the others. Sensing and perceiving our powers and abilities we will work with it. The condition for measuring forces and exploring limits is a fair behavior and following the rules. You will check out your own power, your skills and strengths and also those abilities oft he other person with a lot of fun and joy. Kampfesspiele® was developed by Josef Riederle over 10 years, which teaches fair behavior and social learning through fighting, playing and reflecting.

Muriel Jeanne Mollet

Muriel Jeanne Mollet (CH)  is teacher at the Höheren Fachschule for contemporary and urban performing arts Zürich. She is working as a free lanced dance teacher, performer, instructor of Kampfesspiele® and water therapist. After her graduation as a pedagogue for dance & gymnastic (SBTG-Diplom 1989) she studied „Elementarer Tanz“ at the University of Sports Köln. She continued studying different dance- and improvisation techniques and martial arts (Capoeira, Shinson Hapkido and Escrima). She was founder and director of SURIEL dance theater (1993-97). For a long time she was a member of the research-, improvisation- & performance-group „x-group“. Performances with the Capoeira Show group and dancing in different dance productions guided her as a dancer through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Brasil. Since 2000 she is teaching Contactimprovisation for different groups (dance-companies, disabled & normal people, +60, kids & teens,..). She will transfer her passion for Contactimprovisation in her teaching.

Joyful dancing, games, experimenting with movement and physical forces, discovering the extremes and limits, rhythm, music and flow are the most important in her teaching and dancing. There is a balance between technique, improvisation tasks and sensitive perceptual and awareness exercises.

Cranio sacral flow

With the introduction of the Cranio Sacral System we get in contact with the movement and flow of the spinal fluid and the ‚puls of life‘.

After creating an open and receptive presence within us, we give space to the system of our partner. By diving into the fluid realm of the body and the divine potency we are connected to the body intelligence and the force of self healing and self regulation.
Through listening and staying present with an loving attitude we support each other to more lightness and connectedness with oneself and others.


Sus Palm

is a dancer in the field of contemporary dance, dance-improvisation, contact-improvisation, butoh and capoeira. She also studied movement-therapie, Cranio Sacral Balancing, Body-Mind Centering and Hawaiian Bodywork.
After creating dance-pieces and performances with various dancers and artist for 10 years she is teaching at the academie of fine arts in Ulm Germany and other places. Her main interest is in movement-research, body-systems, the individual expression of body-intelligence and its performance in the moment.


*Soundmoving* Voice and Dance-Improvisation

Listening inwards and outwards, the discovery trip leads playfully to the voice and dance improvisation.
You need neither previous knowledge, nor special vocal and dancer skills.
We can do it wrong and do not have to comply with any norm, only the pleasure of play and the enthusiasm as it feels, is the attention given.
In the solo, duo, trio and in the field of the whole group, the aroma of the voice & dance improvisation can be discovered.

Playshop *g* Nature Improvisation

In this journey we will experience nature through an improvisation mode ,
there will be some exiting frames for movement and voice .
It is the possibility to dance and sound in nature , empowered through the field of the group .
Tune in and dive into the wonder of nature.
with an improvised aloha


Taro Tikitiki

The music, dance and movement improvisation is the leitmotif, on which I playfully experience existence, fresh and astonishing.

Since the year 2000 integral dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals, Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen ritual, Rumble in the Jungle Dance & Music ImproJam, ContacTango improvisation in the Lachdach-Pling and resonance dance festivals, fellow players of the Soundmover performance group.