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This workshop is a way to go together since the roots of the planet to the edge of the cosmos through this fabulous channel : the body! The first step will be based on the links with the environment, with the simplicity of conscious breathing. The next step is about our roots, our link to the floor, our anchor to the ground in order to intensify our stability, to strengthen our center (of mass). Then, the last step is linked with the space around (near and far) to facilitate the experience of lifts in Contact Improvisation. This dance workshop is an approach that is both holistic and technique, it is a journey proposed between earth and sky.

Bastien Auber (F)

Since 2011, he teaches Contact Improvisation in regular workshops, courses and festivals in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, USA, Russia, Ukraine, India). He trained in dance by traveling and working with many teachers of CI, instant composition and somatic approaches. His approach of bodies dynamics bodily is linked with the existing movements in nature (microcosm and macrocosm) and with the 5 elements. He teaches also "dance with ropes" workshops. He is also a geologist, practice meditation, Authentic Movement and attaches importance to the poetic dance. Currently he is interested in the field of subtiles bodies forming in Geobiology and Bioenergy.