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Let your soul lead your life

Hosting and heal the imprint of Trauma in ourselves
Creating a transformative Culture

This workshop is an invocation of our soul energy and it’s leadership in a challenging time of decision making for or agains our aliveness in a global sense. What kind of acupuncture point you are in the world?  How can we be led by our subtle power which is bigger than the pain and fear we all host inside of us and which is also trying to lead us?

In a very practical way, I will guide you in the physical, emotional and energetic realms of light, movement and frozen structures in yourself and in our collective. In each of us, there is an ever changing and unique imprint of movement and holding waiting to be consciously felt and expressed, as part of our spiritual path.
We will explore together ways to host and heal the individual and collective imprints of trauma in ourselves.

Inspiration and Content

Practical experience of mystical principles
The interaction of energy and space
Somatic Experience, Continuum Movement, Voice Work, Authentic Movement, Shamanic Work
osteopathic and systemic principles are weaved in
Movement, sound and conscious touch
healing communication (in diades, triads and in the circle)
sensing individual and collective intelligence,
Intuition Training
experience the rewriting of the past
creating a sustainable, happy culture
Prayer, silence and the awakening of our creativity.

For the healer, artist and priest in us Be warmly welcome!


Heike Wegener (D)

is a healer, trauma-therapist and osteopath, a dancer, listener, singer, traveller, mother, mystic and shaman, a lover of silence and a moving prayerful question. She is based in the community of Castle Glarisegg, at the edge of the forest on the banks of Lake Constance in Switzerland.“