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Melt into the moment, surrender to your body's wisdom.
Shake off the tension, spiral into pleasure, fly with joy. Follow your impulses and inspirations.
Connect and Support others with ease.
This class is based in Somatic Movement Explorations, Release Technique, Developmental Movement and Contact Improvisation.

Ilka Fanni Szilagyi (HU/USA)

In her teaching, Ilka is focusing on effortless, playful movement, body-mind consciousness, and sense opening, luscious dances. Ilka has been teaching and performing CI, choreography and Improvisation for the past two decades. She studied Somatic Movement Therapy and Authentic Movement extensively. Though she found her life’s calling to be a mother, a doula and aspiring midwife, her lifelong love of dance and bodies keep her moving and she is ever inspired to teach again in Europe.