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Diving into Contact Improvisation as an art of moving together with one or more partners from moment to moment of presence and awareness. We`ll take time for some exercises to deepen the understanding of the basic principles of this wonderful dance form. How can the dance inform our awareness? And how can our whole being infrom the dance? An understanding of our perception allows us to connect with our life force as a source for happiness and lightness in the dance and our movement exploration. A supportive communication opens the potential for deep integration of the experience. Touching and being touched already creates some of the magic...


Ingo Rosenkranz (D)

engages himself since almost 30 years with various movement arts and processes of consciousness. Teacher for dance, contact improvisation and Bodywork (Shiatsu, Tai Yoga Massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong …). Holistic systematic coach.

"Contact Improvisation has the potential to deeply touch us on many levels so we can develop our inner growth"