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Massage is a holistic bodywork method which traditionallycombines an individually adjusted sequence of stretching withpressure point and energyline massage. Its aim is to open upblockades in joints and up-tightened muscles as well asharmonizing the whole energy system of the body.
We start the workshop with a soft Yoga sequence after which wework step by step through a Thai-Massage sequence.
Iwill demonstrate the basic technics on each round.TheWorkshop is open for everyone, no matter if you come on yourown or with a partner.


Irina Trippel (D)

Irina is a cultural pedagogue, dancer and networker born in Kirgistan, based in Freiburg. Her passion goes for collaborative projects that connect meaningful interaction with the body as an artist, group sharing practices and various body-mind connecting practices.
A major interest of her is it to unite the necessary dialogue between feeling and thinking as well as experiencing and reflecting.

She is practicing and researching within the field of human body language since 8 Years. Her bachelor thesis  „Contact Improvisation- percieving, moving and creating in relationships“ brought her a deeper and wider understanding of the origin of the form.
And by now she is massively inspired to contribute to its continues shaping.