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Rumble in the Jungle was created about seven Years ago from the desire to conect Music- and Danceimprovisation and takes place evrey two weeks in Munich. It starts with a warm-up to facilitate the Entrance in Improvisation and the play with Music and Movement. The Jam starts with a sign of sound and within a non-verbal time of 1,5 Hours. From there the Space is created by the whole Group There are no fixed roles – you can experience yourself as a musisician, dancer or none of them. The Invitation is to follow your Impulses and to express yourselve in Sound/Silence or Movement/Stillness. What comes out, is an unpredictable piece of Life/Art. It ends with Silence and a Circle with the pssibility to share the experience.


Johannes Anzenhofer (D)

Johannes Anzenhofer is a sculptor, musician and movement artist. He is playing Accordion, Guitar, Flutes, Percussion and sings. His Dance Experience is based on Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary and African Dance. He plays music for Dance -Events, -Festivals, Jams, Performances, Weddings etc. He lives near Munich as a freelance artist and pedagogue.