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Please bring a blindfoald

In this workshop we will play with different Contact principles.
Centerwork, using gravity for momentum, following intuitiv movements, bodysoul wisdom, falling and rolling will free our „body landscape" to make choices which way I will continue.We will discover new ways of moving and being fresh in our dances… .
The possibility to dance outdoors with the sensitivity that surrounds us, the different texture of the ground, with the limitless space around, the wind and the sounds of nature guides us naturally to our moving sources of dances and reflect us our potential in contact-improvisation.

For me Contact Improvisation means being flexible, playful, smooth, light, effortless, meditative, truthful, gorgeous, touching, connecting deeply, juicy, surprising, being embodied… a part of the earth… a moving landscape in universe.


Kabiro Eva Scheller (D)

Kabiro Eva Scheller teaches and practise Hawaiian Healing Massage, Body-Awareness ,Yoga, Counseling and Contact-Improvisation since over 15 years.She has a very  joy- and truthful way to lead people into their unique movement- and life-potential. She dances Contact-Improvisation since 1994 together with different teachers from the USA and Europe and is organising the OsterImproFestival and the Healingheartfestival and she accompanies groups to Hawaii.