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A Deep soul nourishing dive in the inner domain of the fluid body. we will explore a combination of solo as well as partner continuum practices to deepen the intimacy with our wonderful precious animal soul.

The process is about unrevelling the mind and body from limitations. you can find a deep resting point , pure endless nourishment and  the flow of life..within..

Explore a heart centered movement practice with Secret Sounds, Breath and Ancient Movements. Beneath the very suttle movements within - we will vokus the Spine in this Worksop. Snake Medicine, wild purring cats,  old powerfull wise Dinosaur or little sea horses will arise in your cells - ready to dance.

Even its a little bit more  dynamik. its similar to Workshop 1, a practice that takes you inward, there will arise an deep intimicy with yourself, and with your body. Its an Inquiry into yourself!. This intimicy is a sensual one,  a purring, joyjul and cooing experience and of delicate nature.
It opens your fascial tissues, your rips, hips, your heart, all organs, and rejuvenate and revive your hole Spinal Cord. Lets have fun in a new radical lovabel way. All are welcome! -

Embrace your TRUE NATURE!

Kalimah Moorea (D)

Kalimah Moorea is  Mother and a gifted healer, teacher and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. For the last 20 years, she has been facilitating conscious evolution in many of peoples lives.
Kalimah Moorea is a Continuum Movement Teacher, a Psychotherapiest. and Dancer. She was a channel- medium through her hole ife. She spent 19 years training with the founder of Continuum Movement, Emilie Conrad and travels for many years with Katie Byron, deepening her own Awakening. She developed the DNA Remembering process and is the founder of the international Somatic Movement Arts Festival Munich.