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Somatic Santuary
Fluid Wisdom - Sound - Movement and Breath
Embody your Soul

There is a flow-it moves all organic life - its Nourishment and Medicine
- A time for alignment deeper embodiment and resting -

its a Love Affaire with
this present Moment in Body -
with sound, sensuality and movement
There is a presence in us, an essence that moves and expands from the Union of source.
Being moved by this Union is the true source of embodyment and nourishment. Its the forgotten language of embodiment.
This Is a practice that takes you inward, and connect with your inner wisdom. there will arise an deep sensual intimicy with yourself, and with your body. its a pracitce of delicate nature That intimicy is full of nourishment, and wellbeing. its purring, joyjul and cooing.  Your Fascia will open up and gets permeable. We enter this innate SANCTUARY -  with secret sounds , breath and ancient movements, very slow, in a feminine way,  with ease, careful and deeply untamed - You gently listen to the lovabeble choreography of your own stream of Wisdom. This stream unifies all the Places that feels seprate from your source..you come home and feel Causeless Love, Eros and Joy . We only let the stream flow- thats all. Its a "mind-blowing"  simple way to nourish you and care for yourself .....as a dancer and in daily life. its a very suttle process.


Kalimah Moorea (D)

Kalimah Moorea is  Mother and a gifted healer, teacher and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. For the last 20 years, she has been facilitating conscious evolution in many of peoples lives.
Kalimah Moorea is a Continuum Movement Teacher, a Psychotherapiest. and Dancer. She was a channel- medium through her hole ife. She spent 19 years training with the founder of Continuum Movement, Emilie Conrad and travels for many years with Katie Byron, deepening her own Awakening. She developed the DNA Remembering process and is the founder of the international Somatic Movement Arts Festival Munich.