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In this class we take a lot of time to explore the relation of our voice, sound and vibration and our body, nervoussystem and fascias. It will be a guided journey into the physical structures of our voice-system and the energetical structures of its sound and its influence onto the tone and state of our bodycells and the quality of its mouvement. We will enter a silent space of listening, sensing and exploring in awareness.

Katrin Lerche (D)

I first studied singing and worked as soprano and singing teacher. My interest in bodywork leaded me into contactimprovisation from where i also started to explore freely the connection of body and voice and voiceimprovisation. I could deepen my knowledge about voice , sound and its interaction with our body at the Lichtenberger Institut where i did a three years formation as well. My interest beside the pure joy of dancing and singing is also based in the healing aspects of voice, touch and mouvement which i combine in lomi-massage sessions integrating my voice. Finally I am mother of three almost grown up wonderful kids!