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this is an offer to connect deeply with your center and your life power that arises from there. We start with an inner journey connecting, feeling and expressing by sound and mouvement to set free the flow of the energy. We deepen this process by a common bodywork and end up in a celebration   of our playful, happy, juicy center with dance and music!

Katrin Lerche (D)

I first studied singing and worked as soprano and singing teacher. My interest in bodywork leaded me into contactimprovisation from where i also started to explore freely the connection of body and voice and voiceimprovisation. I could deepen my knowledge about voice , sound and its interaction with our body at the Lichtenberger Institut where i did a three years formation as well. My interest beside the pure joy of dancing and singing is also based in the healing aspects of voice, touch and mouvement which i combine in lomi-massage sessions integrating my voice. Finally I am mother of three almost grown up wonderful kids!