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Contango connects tango argentino, Contact Impro and freestyle dance.
By alternating leading and following the dance partners enter into intuitive flow of movement. Many small technical inputs bring creativity and inspiration into this sensual partner-dance.
Peters Contango technique opens authentic dances in closeness and autonomy, as well as creative flow. Elegant, sensual and hearts connected.


Peter Krempelsetzer (D)

Peter studied physical theater at Scuola Dimitri, CH, as well as dance and improvisation. He learned Actiontheater™ Improvisation from the founder of this method, Ruth Zaporah, US, and became certified teacher.
ImproArt, his style of improvisational performance and training, is also influenced by studies with Andrew Morrish, Keith Johnstone, Sten Rudström and Philippe Gaulier.
Peter teaches ImproArt Improvisation, Contango, Contact Impro, Sound-Moving and Performance at the ImproArt improvisation school, Munich.  www.improart.de

“I like giving positive, constructive feedback, and I emphasize enjoyment as a base for learning, as well as inner sensitivity. In my events I create a playful, unjudgmental space, that allows focused learning and open exploration. To be in deep contact with yourself, while at the same time connected to your partners is a focus that enables you to be true to yourself and to become really creative.”

On stage as a performer Peter crosses borders between theater, dance and music. Peter is co-organizer of the Glarisegg Contact Festival Bodensee and long-term member at the Now! Improvisation Festival in Berlin.