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Invite the dance and let the dance invite you.
A dance journey from well-known movement patterns to surprise, "being liquid" and the moment ,in which the dance happens. The focus in this playshop ,is to pay attention to the body and to give it the space of experience, to move as it is possible without
having to direct it through the mind in one direction. The body impulses give you the input. Through listening and perceiving, the senses and reflexes open and
activate. You research for yourself how movement feels and set the standard, what your dance is. The solo is the base, from there it goes subtly in the contact,
energetic, delicate, to the game with weight, gravity, centrifugal force and momentum (duration of a movement, timing).


Taro Tikitiki (D)

From the yearning for spontaneous liveliness, it has attracted me to the music & dance improvisation.
Over the years I danced on many CI Jams and improv festivals & accompany them tonally.

I play on many instruments, such as Flutes, Guitar, Percussion, Frame Drum, Djembe, Digeridoo,
Jew's harp, mouthbow, monochord ... and sometimes I build myself an instrument. Vocal improvisation and the use of effects and loop device serve me as a toy.

Accompanying a CI Jam is for something other than performing a concert, as it is important to me to feel the dance field (dance for myself) and to listen, to let the "autopoetry" happen, how much is needed and when it is consistent with the sounds of the dancers to leave room or to accompany them.

The music, dance and movement improvisation is the common thread on which I playfully experience the existence, always fresh and amazed, it is a magical self-knowledge journey, which is not about to arrive somewhere, but the experience itself.

Since the year 2000, I can call myself an Integral Dance Director (CITA Munich Certificate), as a co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, Rumble in the Jungle Dance & Music Improv Jam, the Munich ContacTango Festival and a member of the Soundmover Performance Group,I find time & space to dance and sound again & again...