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When loves goes through skin...
I want to take you on a sensual, relaxing journey in trios.
I will lead you through a MASSAGE in trios with cacao butter.
Four hands are sliding along your body, releasing paining points and let you relax and enjoy.
Kakaubutter melts on skin, reduces stress, and makes your skin as soft as the skin of a baby.
And the best:
we all smell like choclade to bite in

Come as trios or solo, bring a towel and a blanket and two Euros for your piece of biological cacao butter.


Inge Wöllhaf

Three things are always part of my life and my vocation:
Encouraging children, beeing outside, dancing, moving and massaging.
I came to dance Contactimprovisation 1997 and since then i love to massage too, troughout the years I learned  BMC, a type of energetic Massage, Thai – Yoga – Massage and sticked my nose in Hawaian Massage and danced a lot.
Doing Massage with Kakaubutter I follow my inner flow on the bas of the technics I learned.